Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Current mindstate: Ice cream coma

I haven't even the excuse of a sweltering summer to justify my lethargy and neglect of updating my artwork online. Been busy, in a way... making music and art. Nothing that brings home the blocks of cheddar, of course. Rent has been a struggle, and actually I been hardly scraping by. I feel like I am stuck in the summer of 2002 again. Hopefully I can hang on until student financial aid disbursement.
The first half of summer has been pretty outrageous... there have been quite a number of house shows, mainly of friends and such. There have been several shorter road trips, many parties, my birthday, many guest couch surfers, among many other eventful things worth mentioning, but just not in this post. I'll do that within the next day or so. Until then, I'll just post a few freshly new, and some fairly new pieces of art. Bueno.

Medicate. Manipulate. Annihilate.


Entropics of Love

Title Bout

Copy of a Rembrandt drawing for a class

Boat on the Columbia River
The Columbia River

Hippie bum with Devil Sticks on the waterfront

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