Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Cleanly boys don't misbehave.

Power lines and bird flocks. Powerful.
New art studio rules so hard. I love being in there more than anywhere else right now. Or being outside of it. Ever 20 minutes or so trains barge on by. Sometimes they are super long and full of the dopest graffichi. Off in the distance, no matter what time day or not, there is always the clanking and electric humming of machines near the water front. The feeling of being down in that crazy industrial park is awesomely interesting. It reminds me of industrial Brooklyn, but more isolated.
Next week is mid-term week and apparently I don't give a shit. Am I losing my shine as a sterling student? I sure hope not. I just hope I don't reach that level of desperation where one seeks Adderall. Shiieeeeeeeeeeeeet.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Oooh wah oooh wah oooh wah...

In the brilliant words of the infamous Ice Cube, "I could'a said, today was a good day." I signed the lease of an art studio I am sharing with a friend of mine. The studio is right by the water front, nestled in an industrial area right off Interstate. The studio is shared with a wonderful carpenter, who uses the space for nothing more than storage for his wood shop gear. It is all set up and ready to use... I was even given permission to use his equipment, for real! I swear, he wrote it in the lease! It is in a warehouse, full of 60 creative studios. So fucking stoked.
Couple of weeks ago I hung some work at The Nest. I was told that the bartenders have been receiving lots of compliments about the work. What a pleasant thing to hear.
In 2 weeks I hang new work at another solo show downtown, some place called Slinde Nelson. I haven't seen the joint yet, but I am told it is huge and draws promising crowds. Movin' on upp!!
I am not the type of person to really ever show off some bull shit purchases I have recently made, but I somehow cannot resist.
First off, these bad boys should be coming in the mail tomorrow. Thems dudes is made from Bocote wood from Mexico. I dunno what Bocote is, but I like the looks of it.

I also just bought a Papasan chair. It like cuddling in an angel's womb. That desk I scored at the Goodwill bins for 7 bean, and the BRAND NEW Brother sewing machine sitting on top of it was a Christmas present from my brother... how about that.

Another Goodwill score was this sick little 90's stereo, and a dope, perfectly good Walkman with Auto-Reverse(!) which sits atop it. Also, there was a Ren and Stimpy sountrack, Sleater-Kinney, and Chet Baker cd find as well.

Last week I got 2 new tattoos... one big one, and one little one. The tattoos are pretty dry and slightly scabby. Excuse my current human condition.

Little one (Just the man-face in the moon; Horse and crossed arrows I got a year or 2 ago).

Big one.
The second one, is taken from the cover of Stop It!!'s album "Self Made Maps." D'Lacie, the artist at Optic Nerve who gave it to me, did a rad job on capturing it.

Today I drew a naked man for 3 hours in my Life Drawing class...which is completely typical. But, I arrived an hour later to my other drawing class, and we spent the next 3 hours drawing.. the same exact, naked man. Que fantastico...

The last photo was just some fuck around. They all suck anyway. But I am still excited about studying the human figure. I just found out today that the Life Drawing class I am in is 1 of 3 sequential classes. I had no idea it was 3 terms long! Excited.

I have lots of new sketches for paintings. I move all my art stuff tomorrow to the new studio and then I will make them paintings. Haven't been this fuckin amped in who knows the hell how long. It's like being 16 and my parents giving me my own car, but even more of a hedonistic dream come true.

Oh, last week, my band, Carrion Spring, added a new member, good friend Lee Ellis. We played at Rotture on Wednesday with Kid Crash, Total Bros, and Girlfriends. Everyone was cripplingly good. Lee makes us sound like a sick band now. I have a video of a new song from the show... I just need to learn how to re-format it. And then I'll post it on the world wide boards.

K I'ma go return fetal to my new papasan chair and watch the rest of Che.
Cosas son buenas hoy.