Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Cleanly boys don't misbehave.

Power lines and bird flocks. Powerful.
New art studio rules so hard. I love being in there more than anywhere else right now. Or being outside of it. Ever 20 minutes or so trains barge on by. Sometimes they are super long and full of the dopest graffichi. Off in the distance, no matter what time day or not, there is always the clanking and electric humming of machines near the water front. The feeling of being down in that crazy industrial park is awesomely interesting. It reminds me of industrial Brooklyn, but more isolated.
Next week is mid-term week and apparently I don't give a shit. Am I losing my shine as a sterling student? I sure hope not. I just hope I don't reach that level of desperation where one seeks Adderall. Shiieeeeeeeeeeeeet.

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