Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Ahora hace nieve mucho!!

First real snowfall I have seen this season. The snowflakes are enormous, and everything seems pleasantly quiet. Gosh, how I've yearned for the snow. I love the nostalgia that comes with sitting in my window sill, playing guitar while watching the rooftops and asphalt turn from black to a glowing white. Things seems to come to a complacent hum when it snows for me. The traffic is hardly stirring. The body aches from my overexertion during rock climbing the other day is hardly a pain. The stress from finishing an enormous painting by tomorrow morning has dissipated. I want to finish this painting now, standing next to my window, listening to something like the Rachels. The grandeur of nature's beauty renders me incredibly grateful.


  1. I miss listening to the Rachels and making art with yooooooou

  2. gosh, do I ever miss that as well... we need to be living in the same establishment again.